About HeroMart

What? They actually opened a real store?

HeroMart is the official store for Artix Entertainment. Here you will find new, experimental, and limited-quantity items for the real world. Nearly all items found on this store come with special codes that can be redeemed for special in-game item(s). Check back often as we will be releasing new things without warning. Some will be released in limited quantitiy... and then never made available again. Like the first ever HeroMart product "AQWorlds Deady Vinyl" (500 total in the world.)


Created by the friendly Artix Entertainment Team!

All of the items found in this store were drawn, written, sung/played, filmed, crafted, designed or produced by Artix & the friendly Artix Entertainment team! We pack the boxes and ship them directly from our base here at secret underground lab (In Land O' Lakes, FL, USA.... no... this is not where they make the butter.) Thank you for checking this out! We put 110% into everything we create for you.

(What? Are you saying that your Secret Underground Lab doesn't have windows?)

Reasons why HeroMart is 300% better than VillainMart

  • We work for Peanuts!
    "Foam packing peanuts specifically... we get to keep and play with all of the ones that are left over when packing your orders."

  • Buy ONE get AS MANY AS YOU WANT also for the full price
    “Heroes have a stronger sense of justice and fairness than other shoppers.”

  • Black Friday – 365 days a year
    “Just press the secret ‘change background to black’ button” (Note: Changing the color of the site's background will have no effect on the laws of time and physics.)

    “Because we make everything and ship it ourselves, we can give you the best price possible. A little backwards for a monopoly.”

  • Blue Light Special
    “Actually, that’s just the server’s blue warning light. It probably means the hard drive is about to explode.”

  • Rollbacks
    “Sometimes the hamsters powering our servers go too far up the wheel and fall over backwards.”

  • The Customer is always Right!
    “It is expressly forbidden to make left hand turns while shopping in any of our one HeroMart Locations.”



The HeroMart Philosophy

Everything should be made fun. We do not take ourselves very seriously, but we do take your happiness extremely seriously. If you ever have a problem, just let us know and we will fix it right away for you. Onward, to the homepage!



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