Drellie The Orange Dragon


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How To Claim Your Dragon Stuffed Animal

 WHAT. IS. THIS? Cysero believes it’s a carrot pig… but in all actuality, it’s an adorable little dragon plushie called an Orange Drellie! This plump, soft, and squishy bundle of joy is over 9” tall and has a heart that’s over 9000. This Drellie sailed all the way from PeachSeas, and comes with exclusive in-game items for your favorite video games, too!

Exclusive In-Game Items

 AdventureQuest Worlds

Book of Lore: Drellie Pet

In-game Items: Orange Drellie (Pet)
In-game Items: Orange Battle Drellie (Battle Pet)

In-game Items: Orange You Glad (Helm)
In-game Items: Orange You Sad (Helm)
In-game Items:
Orange Drellie Hat



In-game Items: Orange Drellie Pet
You aren’t exactly sure if this is a carrot animated
and enchanted to look like a dragon or a VERY orange dragon.
Visit the Falconreach Pet Shop to upgread this pet!
5-13 Nature
Crit+1, Bonus+1


In-game Items: Drellie Front Shoulder Weapon
Note: Orange you glad you got a Drellie from
 HeroMart? Scales with you up to level 100!
4-8 Explosive
Energy: 2,
Cooldown: 2


In-game Items: Drellie Spell Drellie Blaze


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