The Dragon's Secret

“What would you do if you were entrusted with... the Dragon's Secret?”
The Dragon's Secret
  • Author: Lyra Trice Solis
  • Illustrator(s): Miltonius, Thyton
  • Category: Fantasy - Young Adult
  • Format: Paperback, 232 pages
  • Publisher: Artix Entertainment, LLC


Book Summary:

When apprentice mage John Black loses his entire family to a dragon attack, he doesn't think things can get any worse. But then he discovers a secret that pushes his loyalty to the limit. Come along with John as he and his friends battle dragons, stow away on a pirate ship, face off against an evil mage and confront the underwater council of the Mer. Along the way, John must choose between revenge and friendship, and decide whether or not to risk everything to stand up for what he believes in.



The dragon was quick, but Galanoth was quicker. Even as John screamed defiance and stood straight, daring the dragon to take him, Galanoth dived between the two, and blocked the dragon's fiery breath with his cloak. The dragon's claws grabbed the dragon slayer instead of John. Flipping his blade around as lightly as if it were made of paper, Galanoth struck a mighty blow across the dragon's scaled leg. The dragon emitted a high-pitched screech and dropped the dragon slayer to the ground. Akriloth circled them twice from high overhead, blood sizzling as it fell through the air, then shot off across the sky and disappeared in the distance.

There was a shout, and then another. Several men approached, clubs and knives in their hands. "Back, back," Lafe said, but Tinker stumbled into a large wooden pallet, and the noise alerted the ment to their position.
There was a rush, and John suddenly found a large, vicious-looking club coming down directly at his head.
The Dragon's Secret"Get out of the way!" yelled Merridi, giving him a shove. The club missed John and struck Merridi a bone-shattering crack on the shoulder.
There was a moment of absolute silence, followed by a horrible rending sound.
The men who had rushed them stopped and watched, mouths hanging open, as John forgot about maintaining the unliight. Merridi fell to the pavement, clutching her injured shoulder, and John clearly heard one man's voice: "Krill! I didn't know it was a girl!"

John struck the ground hard with the end of his staff, burying it in the hard-packed dirt rubble of the cave floor. He shot another beam of light at the wizard, and this time when it struck, it was the wizard who went flying backwards.
"Good one," crowed Tinker, and slapped John on the back so hard he nearly fell over.
The wizard was rising to his feet, and the look on his face now was not amused at all.
"Let's see how you deal with this," said Melore, throwing his hands up in the air.
The lights went out.
All noise stopped, except for the gasping of men taken by surprise at the dark.
It was the utter, complete absence of any particle of light in the room. John never remembered having ever been in darkness so complete. He felt strange. Almost as if the dark was sucking up his energy. He directed his light power into the staff, willing the sun stone to flair. It gave a weak flutter, then went out. From across the room, John heard the wizard laugh.


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