Zorbak's Mount Drellie


$ 50.00 


How To Turn Your Dragon Stuffed Animal Into a Mount

by Zorbak

 WHAT. IS. THIS? Zorbak spotted a carrot pig… but in all actuality no matter what Cysero thinks, it’s an adorable little dragon plushie called an Orange Drellie! This plump, soft, and squishy bundle of joy is over 9” tall and is perfect for our RARE COLLECTIBLE Zorbak to cruse around on. +5 to Zorbak's creativity.
This might not be the key he has been looking for to help him concur the world, but its sooo comfortable......Meh heh heh 


Zorbak Bundle Only
In-game Items:
Zorbak Drellie-Rider (Pet)
In-game Items: Zorbak Drellie-Rider (Battle Pet)
Note: All your guidmates will be jelly when you’re battling with a Drellie!
Collector’s Rare Rarity


Exclusive In-Game Items

 AdventureQuest Worlds

Zorbak Mounted Drellie
(Pet, Exclusive Zorbak Bundle-only bonus)

Book of Lore: Drellie Pet

In-game Items: Orange Drellie (Pet)
In-game Items: Orange Battle Drellie (Battle Pet)

In-game Items: Orange You Glad (Helm)
In-game Items: Orange You Sad (Helm)
In-game Items:
Orange Drellie Hat




In-game Items: Orange Drellie Pet
You aren’t exactly sure if this is a carrot animated
and enchanted to look like a dragon or a VERY orange dragon.
Visit the Falconreach Pet Shop to upgread this pet!
5-13 Nature
Crit+1, Bonus+1


In-game Items: Drellie Front Shoulder Weapon
Note: Orange you glad you got a Drellie from
 HeroMart? Scales with you up to level 100!
4-8 Explosive
Energy: 2,
Cooldown: 2


In-game Items: Drellie Spell Drellie Blaze



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