Followers of the Underworld - Collector's Print

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Darkon's Followers of the Underworld  - Collector's Print

Evil and Good have clashed for eons, one side rising while the other falls. But when Evil turns against itself - when two immensely powerful scions of the Darkness face off - the Underworld becomes a battlefield and the prize will be... ALL the souls!


Digital Reward Details:

In-game rewards redeemable in AdventureQuest Worlds
● Legion Seraph Wings  - Cape
● Legion Seraph Visage - Helm
● Followers of the Underworld - Badge

    Combo Bonus Digital Reward Details:

    To unlock this Bonus Digital Reward you must own both Darkon's Followers of the Underworld and Darkon's Fiends of the Apocalypse Collector's Prints.

    In-game rewards redeemable in AdventureQuest Worlds

    To unlock this bonus digital reward you MUST redeem both codes to the same account. 

    ● SoulTakers Of Nulgath - Dagger
    Followers and Fiends - Badge





      Soul Taker of Darkness Armor Set

      By purchasing all four of Darkon's Underworld Apocalypse prints: Battle for the UnderworldWarpath to the ApocalypseFollowers of the Underworld and Fiends of the Apocalypse.