FIRST OF ALL THANK YOU SO MUCH to all those HeroMart customers who supported us this holiday season! We had a HUGE overwhelming demand for the 20th Anniversary Bundle and 2023 calendar, it was the biggest Pre-Order in HeroMart history! We would not be able to release this special bundle or create another amazing calendar without your support.

The Pre-Order Fulfillment for the 20th Anniversary Bundle and the 2023 calendar started December 22nd 2022. The Bundle was offered for Pre-Order first during Black Friday on November 25th, 2022, so those orders took priority over non Bundle calendar Pre-Orders which started on December 13th, 2023. All Pre-Orders are always processed in the order they are received.

Due to multiple factors including the record breaking amount of orders, ALL Pre-Orders and regular orders are taking extra time to fulfill. This was also due to the US holidays such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Day falling on Sundays, so Monday December 26th, 2022 and Monday January 2rd, 2023 were Federal holidays where the Underground Lab was closed. We also had team members who were on vacation or sick. Orders are only processed during the week.

US/Domestic Pre-Orders: most have been processed (in the order they are placed) and handed over to the shipping companies to take it to their sorting facility so they can find their way to you. Once at the facility the order will move at the shipping speed you chose at checkout with his Economy (Standard) or Priority.

International Pre-Orders: most have also have been processed (in the order they are placed) but unlike US Orders, International orders are picked up in large batches to give our customers the lowest possible international shipping prices.

International orders will normally utilize your local postal service to deliver, but for some countries, they may hand off the package to another courier. Please refer to the UPS Innovations tracking website to see who will be handling the final delivery of your package as an alternate tracking number may be provided.

IMPORTANT: Please be patient and give extra time for your tracking to update as it only starts when the package is processed at the sorting facility and not when the label is created. Once the label is created, this is when you receive your shipping notification email with your tracking number – this does not mean your package has been picked up by the shipping company from the Lab yet! International tracking takes longer and only starts at the International sorting facility after your package is batched and on its way to your specific country.

Regular orders placed after the holidays may also be delayed and need extra time to process due to the Pre-Order back-up.

Your support, patience and understanding during these crazy holidays has been LEGENDARY, just like you! We are honored you have chosen to shop with HeroMart and to help make more wonderful memories with us.

Battle On and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Stryche, Artix & the HeroMart team