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Do you like being a villain?  Villains are more exciting!

You know, in any story you would hope that the hero has someone to push back against, the villain - Do you get sad when all the hard villainess work gets spoiled by the pesky hero? Do you feel compelled to do the right things for the wrong reasons, or the wrong things for the right reasons? Then the gray area between black and white just like this shirt is for you!  


AQW HeroMart Exclusive In-Game Items


Unique Weapon
Shadowed Edge of the Wicked
Bright Blade of Deception

(This sword was created to destroy and cause chaos, now if you are planning on doing otherwise you better think twice!)


AQWVillians (Badge)


Graphics Design by Diozz

Once again Diozz has surpass all expectations and delivered this amazing design, with quite a few years in the design industry under his belt Diozz's style keeps evolving and with each new project we your friends at HeroMart are just as excited to see what comes out as you are. We get to make his creations come to life and share it with you. So relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride.


In-Game Itmes Design by Memet

Memet's weapons are simply Awesome! She takes time out of her busy schedule and creates these stunning weapons so we can throw in something extra for you to enjoy in-game with your HeroMart Order! So when you swing your next weapon you should not only think about who you might hit with it ( friend or foe ) but also that is it wasn't for Memet there would be peace in Lore... I mean thank you Memet for all your work!!!


Combo Special (Weapon)

Incredibly Awesome
Unlock Equilibrium's Edge Scythe

If you get both the AQWorlds Heroes AND the AQW Villians T-Shirt you will UNLOCK the Incredibly Awesome Equilibrium's Edge Scythe.  Only unlocks if you own AQWorlds Heroes T-Shirt as well!


 (If you are already a proud owner of the AQWorlds Heroes T-Shirt Congratulations!. Then you already own one-half of the Scythe and with this purchase, you will unlock the Full Special Weapon. )




Codes must be redeemed on the same account in order to unlock the Equilibrium's Edge Scythe.


Thank you Villians!

Thank you for supporting our games, our team, and HeroMart. With your AQWorlds Villains T-Shirt purchase, not only will you look great in your new treads, but you are helping fund all the games and their team members AND their families! Thank you so much for being so AWESOME!

Battle On!