Battleworn Dragon Amulet - T-Shirt

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A DragonLord's Armor is Proof of Their Adventures

The legendary Dragon Amulet is a staple to all Dragon Lords and the dragons that they control. But don’t expect your Dragon Amulet to remain shiny throughout all those battles! This Distressed Dragon Amulet Shirt shows its timeworn and battle-ravaged appearance, proving that you are a Dragon Fable amongst Dragon Lords. Bonus item drops are included in this T-Shirt:


Exclusive In-Game Items



  • Scythe of the Dark Amulet

AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Dragon Morph Armor
  • Dragon Morph Helm
  • Furled Fury Wings
  • Dragon Exultant Staff

AdventureQuest (Classic)

  • Chaos Web


  • War-Torn Dragon Orb Shield