Chaos Lord: Escherion Print


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8.5" X 11" Print created by Dage The Evil

The great Chaos Lord Escherion has his Chaos Eye on you, so you better make sure you behave. Of course, that’s assuming “behave” goes into your dictionary as being evil and destructive. You have suffered through his quests, but now you can admire the true beauty of Escherion’s chaotic power, as seen through the eyes of artist Dage the Evil.

Escherion has agreed to grant you access to the chaotic armor, helmet, and staff hammer, sword, and polearm. But for a limited time, he will also grace you with your very own set of chaos weapons, including a hammer, a sword, and a polearm!


Exclusive In-Game Items  

AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Escherion EvolutionArmor
  • Faceplate of Obfuscation
  • ChaosFlight Staff

Limited Extra Bonus

  • Chaos Smasher Hammer
  • Winged RunixBreaker Blade
  • Bladed Polearm of Havoc


  • Escherion Plushie Pet
  • EscherionStaff
  • EscherionHood
  • EscherionCape


Signed Copies!

You may also purchase an autographed Chaos Lord Escherion Print by the man responsible for this amazing artwork, Dage The Evil.

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