Chaos Lord T-shirt (Purple)


$ 19.95 


Time for you to Chaorrupt the Real World

The common cold? Swine flu? Pffft, try warding off the infectious powers of CHAOS! When /equipping the Chaos Eye T-Shirt in real life, side effects may include: the sudden appearance of tentacles, mutated eyeballs forming on your body, and the uncontrollable urge to cause mayhem wherever you go. If you can control the Chaos, then you will be greatly awarded in-game with chaotic items.


Exclusive In-Game Items

AdventureQuest Worlds & DragonFable

  • Chaos Sentry Cape with a quest including an exclusive item.


  • Chaos Eye Back Arm that will turn the power of Chaos to your advantage! (increases accuracy with each use, while reducing enemy BtH & def. This item will also heal you, & may stun your opponent. Levels with you to:100).


  • Chaos Eye Shield
  • Dark Chaos Eye Shild (members only)


Join us… join Chaos!

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