Alydriah of the Legion - Collector's Print

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Alydriah, Queen of the Legion

"I am not heartless, I forgive those who prove their loyalty"


About this Art Print:

12" x 18" Alydriah of the Legion Collector's Print.



The Legion are those loyal to Baelius and trust in their benevolent leader to rule Delta V. Before the War, Baelius' brutal methods of maintaining order caused a split amongst his labor-force. Those that dissented joined the Uprising, a rebellious group of brigands and profiteers who sought to form a coup against Baelius. Those who believed the resistance was the cause of Baelius' ruthless punishment formed The Legion. These loyalists were essentially fighting a two-front battle: They had to put down the Uprising where they could with one hand and steel themselves against the brutality of Baelius' totalitarian reprisal with the other.

Some say The Legion's staunch devotion is folly. Others believe The Legion are the hardened defenders of a renewed future of prosperity and peace on Delta V.

For The Legion, the return to Delta V from exile was the beginning of a new era. A new war has begun for them, one which they must not lose if they wish to see order restored to a broken and divided Delta V. The Legion will stand against the chaos-mongers and fight for a final victory on a world they wish to call home once again.

Will you fight for the future of Delta V? Will you fight for Baelius' forgotten army?


(Digital Reward) Exclusive In-Game Items for Multiple Games!

Legion Pride Cleavers Weapons and character page badge in 
AdventureQuest Worlds


Legion Pride Cleaver P & E Swords, "Poster" Home Item and "Pride of the Legion" Achievement in EpicDuel