Armored Gravelyn - Collector's Print

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Armored Gravelyn

"Long unlive the Shadowscythe!"


Gravelyn, Empress of the ShadowScythe

   Gravelyn's existence was long kept a secret by her father Sepulchure as she was also the daughter of King Alteon's wife, Queen Lynaria Alteon. When Drakath killed him, he heard Gravelyn's cries from the sky and shot down Sepulcure's flying fortress leaving it grounded. With her father gone, she was now the inheritor of the entire Shadowscythe Empire.

 Armored Gravelyn Collector's Print

(Digital Reward) Exclusive In-Game Items for AQW!


Shadow of Sepulchure Cape and character page badge in 
AdventureQuest Worlds

Bonus: If you purchase both the Armored and Unarmored Gravelyn prints and redeem both of the codes to the same AQWorlds account, then you automatically receive the bonus item: Dark Empress Blade!