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Your Favorite Bounty Hunters T-Shirt!

We get it—you’re a Bounty Hunter, and you want everyone to know it. You’re one of the coolest Hunters in the entire galaxy, but whipping out your pistols in public to flaunt your celebrity status is a very VERY bad idea. So that’s why we made this J6 2.0 T-Shirt! It’s made from 100% cotton and promises a 99% reduction in galactic prison jail time.  


AQW HeroMart Exclusive In-Game Items


HyperiumGuard ( Armor)
Unique Armor

Do you remember how ridiculously difficult it was getting past those darn Battle Turrets in J6’s Hyperium Starship? Well, after you cleared the ship and left the floor covered in scrap-metal J6 decided to salvage it and create this awesome armor! 


J6Evolution (Badge)
Badge for your character page.

J6 guarantees you a seat on the Hyperium the next time he lands on your planet!


The 411 on J6

Every bounty hunter has to start somewhere, and for J6, it all began in 2004. J6 worked on the original AdventureQuest doing everything from backgrounds to items to monsters and animation. As Artix Entertainment leveled up, J6 moved from game to game as they were being created. Golden HyperiumGuard Armor

 But this bounty hunter’s true calling became background art, creating beautiful scenery that filled computer monitors worldwide with breathtaking landscapes. J6 has virtually made every AdventureQuest Worlds background and still (somehow) finds time to create in-game weapons, helms, and armors. And crazy side projects like forging the real-life DragonSlayer Helmet.


A Collaboration of Creativity

Bounty Hunters are primarily lone rangers, but in order to make this J6Evolution T-shirt + in game items for you, we called upon the talents of: 

  • Diozz, Comic Book Artist and Illustrator Responsible for creating the high-quality top-notch image of J6 displayed on the T-Shirt

  • J6, Bounty Hunter and Landscape Artist Salvaging parts from the Battle Turrets in the Hyperium Starship, he crafted the exclusive in-game item included in your T-Shirt purchase: the HyperiumGuard

  • The AdventureQuest Worlds Team We cannot give enough thanks to the friendly AQW team for all their hard work making the game fun for all players across the world!

    Combo Special (Limited Time Armor)

    Incredibly Rare Limited-time 
    Unlock Golden HyperiumGuard

    Score double the bounty! If you get both the J6Evolution AND the J6Original T-Shirt you will UNLOCK the Incredibly Rare Golden HyperiumGuard. Only available while J6Original T-Shirt supplies last!


     (If you are already a proud owner of the J6Original T-Shirt Congratulations!. The shirt's fibers contain enough of the necessary  scrap metal to build this Incredibly Rare Armor by combining it with the J6Evolution T-Shirt.)




    Codes must be redeemed on the same account in order to unlock the Golden Hyperium Guard..


    Feelin’ so fly like J6!

    Thank you for supporting our games, our team, and HeroMart. With your J6 Evolution T-Shirt purchase, not only will you look great in your new treads, but you are helping fund all the games and their team members AND their families! Thank you so much for being so AWESOME!

    Battle On, Bounty Hunter!

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