Legion Recruitment Scroll


$ 10.99 

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12" X 16" Undead Legion Recruitment Scroll

Dage the Evil wants YOU for the Undead Legion Army! The world is at war and Dage the Evil needs more minions to join him on the frontlines.Enlist today and recruit your friends and followers Join today and receive the Legion Sergeant Armor that will deliver ruthless victories across the battlefield! Prove your loyalty to Legion! 


Includes Exclusive AQWorlds Legion Sergeant!


  • Legion Sergeant Armor
    Deliver ruthless victories across the battlefield! 

  • Legion Recruiter Helm

  • Undead Slasher Axe

  • Undead Legion Banner Cape



    Signed Copies!

    The signed copies by Dage are limited-edition. Get them while supplies last.


    Battle On!


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