Dage Art Nouveau Poster


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24” x 36” Art Nouveau Style Poster

Behold! Dage the Evil in all his glory is preparing his undead legion for battle. Be prepared to have the fight of your life with this undead crew watching your every step.

The Art Nouveau (French for New Art) style for this poster gives a new elemental twist of life to this Legro Inmortuorum, or Undead Legion. The flowing lines and earthy background have given birth to these reformed soldiers. This new 24” x 36” high quality poster by Diozz featuring Dage and his undead army will be a great way to make your room feel more alive! Or rather undead.


Exclusive In-Game Items

AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Heretic Armor (Male & Female version)
  • Heretic Helm
  • Heretic Chains Cape
  • Dage's Desolation P and E (swords)


  • Dage's Desolation P and E (swords) 

Signed Copies!

You may also purchase an autographed Dage themed, Art Nouveau styled Poster signed by the man responsible for this amazing poster, Diozz.

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