Star Lores Episode IV - A New Hype - Poster

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Star Lores Episode IV - A New Hype Poster

A Poster of Epic Proportions (24” x 36” to be exact)


May the 4th be with you!
Harness your inner Force Master!


Star Lores Episode IV - A New Hype

 It is a period between major holidays.
paladins, striking
with a hidden deck, have won
their first Battle Cards victory against
the evil Shadowsythe Empire.


During the Duel, Paladin
spies managed to steal secret
recipe to the Sepulture's
ultimate treat, the MOGLINBERRY 
CAKE, an enormous space
cake with enough flavor to
last till the holidays.


Pursued by the Sepulture's
Shadowsythe agents, Princess
Robina races home aboard her
umm  frogzard..., custodian of the
stolen recipe that can help 
her people have a reason to celebrate
before the holidays and bring 
CAKE to the Land of Lore.....



Exclusive bonus In-game Item details

AQ3D Title
Badge included

Star Gazer

AQW Exclusive In-Game Item.

 Badge included

Star Gazer set




StarGazer's Cyber Chakram


StarGazer's Dual Blades


StarGazer's LightBlade