Xing and Xang Limited Print


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8.5" x 11" Print

Chaos never looked better! The Twins of Chaos, Xing and Xang, have wreaked havoc all across AdventureQuest Worlds… and their next target is your bedroom wall!


This limited edition 8.5” x 11” print is sure to make a long-lasting impression in real life—and in game!


Exclusive In-Game Items 

AdventureQuest Worlds

Transformable Chimera Mirror Realm Pet
  •  First ever of its kind!
  • Transform between 2 Chimera Versions
  • Exclusive Shop for 1st Chimera Version
  • Totally Different Shop for 2nd Chimera Version

    AdventureQuest (Classic)

    This weapon has the ability to change appearances between Light & Fire Damage

    • XingZang Dagger


    • Character Badge
    • Angel Pet Cape
    • Devil Pet Cape

    Signed Copies!

    You may also purchase an autographed Xing and Xang Print signed by the man responsible for the amazing artwork, Diozz.


    Posters will be shipped separately due to packaging requirements.


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