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A Fantasy Novel by Zachary Storch!

From the author, longtime AE games player, and King of the Nerds Season 2 Contestant Zachary Storch comes Za'nar: Impossibility, as featured in the in-game event in Adventure Quest Worlds! 

The secrets of the human race are about to be revealed! Magic is real, and YOU could learn to use it! Follow Klyde and Sael on an interplanetary adventure through Za'nar, filled with fast-paced fights, fantastical elemental spells, and fearsome monsters!

Three million years ago, the planetary system of Za’nar’s connection to the Magic-providing Void Plane was failing. To prevent the disappearance of Za'nar, a Magical Link between it and Earth was created. The Link shares much back and forth between the two systems, including their connection to the Void Plane.

Now, one year after the war and the establishment of a parliamentary monarchy in Za'nar, Earth is in trouble. Sael Ageis, accomplished Magi of Za'nar, meets earthlings Klyde Vance and Fae, and together they find themselves drawn into a three million-year-old Magical conflict, unlocking secrets about the human race.

In Za’nar, zagic is a science, but that doesn’t mean it all takes place in a lab! Following the adventures of Sael Ageis, Klyde Vance, Fae, Daz Acer, and Rath Halon, and set in the interplanetary landscape of Za’nar, Za’nar: Impossibility tells of elaborately built worlds, advanced systems of Magic, ancient myth, and world-threatening perils.



Message from Zack

Hello, heroes! I’m Zack Storch! You may have seen me in Battleon last year selling my armor or on TBS’s reality TV show King of the Nerds. I’m very excited to be sharing my story, Za’nar: Impossibility with all of you! Learn more about the book on the official website and follow Zack on Facebook and Twitter



Exclusive In-Game Items are not included with the digital download!



Experience the story firsthand by putting on the armor and stepping into the epic adventure of Za'nar: Impossibility.



Klyde Vance (Male Armor)
Blade Sorcerer of Earth

An eighteen-year-old man who met Sael while she was on an investigative assignment to Earth. Imaginative and prone to daydreams, learning that his fantasies of magic and aliens were real came as a welcome shock! After having her bring him to Za’nar, he discovered a knack for Blade Sorcery or intuitive Magic inspired by the use of weapons and objects as channels.

With a new world opened up to him, he’s found himself questioning if anything is impossible. Now he uses conjured weapons to launch shock waves, make broils of fire and send waves of water at those who would threaten his friends.


Sael Ageis (Female Armor)
Dragon-shifting Wizard and co-leader of the Accord

In her nineteen years of life, Sael Ageis has accomplished a lifetime of accolades fighting in arena combat and when monsters organized during the War that threatened the planets of Za’nar one year ago. Her accomplishments during the War, as well as her father Qion’s political history, earned her a position of co-leadership over the newly founded interplanetary government, the Accord. 

Proud, arrogant, and stubborn, she can seem closed off at first and speaks with an odd formality, but cares deeply about Za’nar and the people in her life. A well-studied Wizard with the rank of Magi, Sael was able to master a ritual of transformation to take on the form of a Dragon for use in interplanetary flight and invented swift “Combat Runes” to use her icy attacks more quickly.


 Accord - In-Game House
includes 1 exterior 2 interior rooms.