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The EbilCorp Mug

It’s time to start your day. But why use a boring mug for your coffee when you could be using these! Add those tears of pain that you have collected to your coffee to give you that sweet taste of Ebil.


Exclusive In-Game Items

AdventureQuest Worlds

  • EbilCorp-style Coffee Mug Mace.
  • A stack of 15 Black Sludge Potions.
  • A Character Page badge.
    You say you’re feeling more heroic than evil? Not a problem. The Artix Entertainment "Good" Mug is just the thing for you! With the Artix Entertainment Mug, you can espresso yourself with the heroes of this legendary chalice and all the victorious tales that accompany it.


    Order Both Mugs: BONUS

     Overcaffeinated Twig(Pet).


    THE ONLY WAY TO OWN A BONUS "Overcaffeinated Twig(Pet)" Is To Order Both Mugs.