The Dragon's Secret - Book

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An AdventureQuest (Classic) Novel

When apprentice mage John Black loses his entire family to a dragon attack, he doesn't think things can get any worse. But then he discovers a secret that pushes his loyalty to the limit. Come along with John as he and his friends battle dragons, stow away on a pirate ship, face off against an evil mage, and confront the underwater council of the Mer. Along the way, John must choose between revenge and friendship and decide whether or not to risk everything to stand up for what he believes in.


Exclusive In-Game Items 

AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Crystal Seed Runed Staff


  • Baby Kraken Pet


  • Dragon's Secret (head)

AdventureQuest (Classic)

  • Dragon Leathers Armor
  • Golden Rod Staff
  • Gnomish Crossbow
  • Melore's Dark Statue Spell


Signed Copies!

You may also purchase an autographed Novel signed by the man responsible for the amazing artwork, Thyton