Dragons of Ashfall - Poster

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The Dragons of Ashfall Poster

A Poster of Epic Proportions (24” x 36” to be exact)


About this Original Art Poster:

   DragonSlayer Order will fight on every scorched stone of Ashfall - HeroMart is proud to present the Dragons of Ashfall Original Art Poster by artist Dage the Evil.


 The Dragons of Ashfall

   Ashfall has become a battleground. The evil Dragonlord Talyn plans to awaken the Great Fire Dragon who sleeps in the heart of the volcanic Mount Ashfall, and only Galanoth, the legendary DragonSlayer, and his loyal DragonSlayer Order stand in his way. Deep within the Magma Mines where ancient dwarven machinery still grinds away, they will fight on every scorched stone of Ashfall until Talyn is brought down, even if it costs them their very lives... because if the Great Fire Dragon is awakened, it means a fiery end for all of Lore.


Exclusive bonus In-game Item details

 The Obsidian DragonBalde

Obsidian DragonBlade