Zorbak Smirk - T-shirt

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Moglin Blue

In Your Face... and On Your Shirt

Nothing is too epic to be ebil, and our newest line of Zorbak t-shirts proves it! Our favorite Ebil Necromancer moglin decided there weren't nearly enough HeroMart products shining the spotlight on him. He demanded more face-time, and how could we say no to a grin like that?!!


Exclusive In-Game Items 


AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Blue T-Shirt Zorbak pet
  • Black T-Shirt Zorbak pet


Each shirt is hand-woven by Sneebils on a DoomCo Loom and comes with TWO different Zorbak pets in AdventureQuest Worlds! Click each pet to unlock 3 quests ONLY accessible to their owner!